"Sink into the unknown digging,

Make you swirl. "

René Char

I come from matter, bodies, space. For a log time my tools were drawing, color, dying, patterns, sculpting, a stage, with artificial light costumed bodies and spaces created to tell stories. Today I'm exploring a new langage !


After working for some years in theater and live performance, as a scenographer and costume designer, today I'm adding new numeric and virtual tools to my palette. I'm moving from craft work to technologic work, exploring video editing, generative art, interactivity between virtual plateform and real life, microcontrollers and video-mapping. Screen is my new white page, my pencil is a stylet, my construction tools are functions. I'm going for a trip in the cog of the machines ! It's a new adventure, inspiring, stimulant and not finished !


But in all this virtual space, I don't loose the link to real presences and humanity :)


2019-2020  ------------

- Atlantis (november 2020 ), visual and sound interactive instalaltion, collaboration with Milton Riaño. I did the motion design and the scenography design and construction. Organised by Eden Creative Collective. Montreal. CA

- Data Mycelium (avril 2020 ), confined-live performance collaborating with Jonathan Hardy et Simon Rouhier. Live visual creation made on Touchdesigner and sound composing  on MaxMSP. Montreal. CA

- Forest Is Talking To You (december 2019 ) : sound performance. Montreal. CA

- december 2019 : conception of a small video game on Unity. It was a serious game about deforestation. Collaborating with Melissa Emmanuel. Montreal. CA

- Came back to university to make a  DESS in arts, creation and technology at the University of Montreal. Learning different softwares to use it with artistic creation : Touchdesigner, Unity, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, Pure Data, Max MSP, Arduino, Processing, Madmapper, Resolume. CA

ages C++, C#, Java.

2019 ------------------

- Hom(m)es //Scenography and costume design /Choreopgraphy by Catherine Dreyfus, Cie Act2. Tanzmatten, Sélestat. FR

- Pinocchio // Costume design / Performance directed by Alice Laloy, Cie S'appelle Revient. Carreau du Temple, Paris. FR

- Beatrix Cenci // Costume and scenography assistant beside Mariana Tirantte. Music by Alberto Ginastera, directed by Mariano Pensotti, National Opéra of the Rhin. FR // English and spanish speaking production


2018 ------------------

- Désirer tant // Costume design / writed and directed by Charlotte Lagrange. Cie La Chair du Monde, Filature de Mulhouse. FR

- Eugene Oneguine //Costume and scenography assistant beside Jamie Vartan / Music by Tchaïkovski,directed by Frederic Wake-Walker, National Opera of the Rhin. FR // Production en anglais.

 - Les P'tites Michu // Costume design /Opérette written by Messager, directed by Rémy Barché, National Opera of Nantes-Angers. FR

 - Le Traitement // Costume design / written by Martin Crimp, directed by Rémy Barché, Cie Moon Palace, Comédie de Reims. FR


2017 ------------------


- Les Serpents // Costume design / written by Marie N'Diaye, directed by Anne-Margrit Leclerc, Cie du Jarnisy. Jarny. FR

- Les Evaporés // Costume design / written and directed by Delphine Hecquet, Cie Magique Circonstancielle. Studio Théâtre de Vitry, Théâtre de Bayonne. FR

- Frusques // Costumes and scenography design / Choreography by Catherine Dreyfus, Cie Acte2. Tanzamatten, Sélestat.  The set was manufactured by the set workshops of the National Opera du Rhin.  FR



2016 ------------------

- The Turn Of The Screw // Costume assistant. / Opera writen by Benjamin Britten. Directed by Robert Carsen. National Opéra of the Rhin, Srasbourg. English speaking production .

- Le Radeau de la Méduse // Costume design, make-up, hairstyle / Written by Georg Kaiser, directed byThomas Jolly. Created at Avignon 2016. National Theater of Strasbourg. FR


2015 ------------------

- Trust // Costume design / written by Falk Richter. Directed by Kaspar Tainturier. National theater of Strasbourg. FR

- Karukinka // Scénography et costumes design in collaboration with Heidi Folliet / Music composed by Francisco Alvarado. produced by Ircam and national Theater National of Strasbourg. FR
- Penthésilée // Scenography design and accessories. / written by Heinrich Von Kleist. Directed by Maëlle Dequiet.  National Theater of Strasbourg. FR
- Violence du désir - Opus 3 // Scenography assistant beside Didier Payen. / Directed by Agnès Bourgeois from 120 journées de Sodome wrtitten by Sade. Created at Anis Gras, Arceuil. FR

2014 et avant ------------------
- Macbeth // Scenography and costume design collaborating with Roxane Touzet, / Directed by Youssouf Abi-Ayad, National Theater of Strasbourg. FR
- Sophocléa // Costumes design / Choreography by Karine Saporta. Corse. FR
- L’histoire de l’imposture // Costume assistant beside Colette Huchard for Mossoux-Bonté Company. Costume prototyping. Bruxelles. BE




- 2019 : DESS Arts creation and technology, University of Montréal. CA.

- 2017 : Theater master, University of Paris 10, Nanterre. FR
- 2013-2016 : Scenography and costume design  diploma, TNS (National Theater of Strasbourg), Strasbourg. FR
- 2011-2013 : DMA Costume making diploma, La Martinière Diderot, Lyon. FR
- 2009-2011 : BTS fashion design and environment, textile and matter  design option, La Martinière
Diderot, Lyon. FR


Langues :

ENGLISH AND SPANISH  : not bilinguish but very good speaking and writing


contact me at :

(+1)438-388-7267 (CA)

(+33)6 51 58 86 28 (FR)